Patience Is A Virtue (Apparently).

After much upset and disappointment over my temporary shutdown, (courtesy of a faulty WordPress upgrade) I am really pleased to say that I have officially re-launched!

I feel like it’s right on time too with the come back of every girl’s favorite! ANTM yep, you know it.

America’s Next Top Model is back, and I’m not talking about the one I watched over the summer which is currently airing on Living TV, I’m talking about that super exclusive that only me and special people get if your close with a certain ‘Ninja’.

Tyra is breaking moulds as we speak, becuase this cylce is all about models that are 5’7 and under, so the winner will officially be the epiphany of 5’5 Girl In A 5’10 World – and we love her for it! ;)

It’s time for the re-posting of the 1′st and origianl post on 5’5 girl in a 5’10 world.- ‘America’s 1′st Short Model.’