Candy Girls

They are dubbed ‘Candy Girls’ and in the states, they are a legitimate genre of model. However I want to know why there is such a dramatic difference between the UK and U.S .

Every time this topic is brought up around me – the mutual agreement is that the drive and passion and not to mention success of video models in the U.S outshines the U.K glamour and ‘Urban’ industry by far. Maybe it’s their attitude towards what kind of role they take on or more importantly, cash money, and how they deal with making sure it ends up in their hands.

They may be just as provocatively dressed however their outcome seems to leave a longer lasting impression and overall more glossy effect. With professional stylists, photographers and directors on set, the shoots that they take part in are for legitimate and well distributed media sources, and most likely not for their self made – to be sold via facebook- calendar.

I do understand that it is a lifestyle choice as well as a career decision, however the major difference is that in the U.S there are so many opportunities available and being a ‘candy girl’ is a good stepping stone to move into other fields.

In the states hip hop is a lot more lucritive and money is not an issue when it comes to flashing a bit of cash to the lead in your video, it is known that girls get paid at least $800 for roles in videos and also receive incentives such as cars, watches or jimmy Choos!

Olivia_Candy_Girls Terrika_Candy_Girls Brooke_Candy_Girls Blanka_Candy_Girls

MTV’s show ‘Hip hop Honeys’ exposed how much more reserved U.K girls are compared to Americans when it comes to auditions, but being shy in front of Lil X hasn’t seemed to stop the undeniably scantily clad photos looming the internet, including social networking sites these days. and social networking sites these dasy.

Why is it that our ‘Urban’ or ‘Candy Girls over here in the U.K are not anywhere near perceived as professional models? It seems to be a shame that even after stripping down to the bare essentials it’s not for a good enough distribution deal, or a chance to work with a creditable director, but more for attention via facebook comments, and the worse thing about that is most of these urban models are fine with that, or seem to think that is proof of some sort of success.

As the only form of legitimate modeling you can get into at a ‘short’ height, or with a full figured body it would be amazing if the outcome of success was actually achievable. This industry could be huge in the U.K as more and more musicians are gaining status, and require ‘Candy Girls’ for their videos. However I highly doubt things will start changing until, the girls involved in the industry themselves, start upscaling their demands, fees and ultimately get rid of their excuses of ‘its experience’, or ‘good exposure’ and actually get paid for their talent, face and full figured bodies.

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