JC Adams is the founder and creator of the APE. Using his illustration and innovation for ‘A positive Example’ there’s no surprise why he is doing so well as a young entrepreneur. JC has recently joined the ever growing network of EgoThieves and has found him self stocking his pieces in funky little stores such as, Max And Larlie’s which is located in Marylebone, Central London.

This post is in regards to his very first and exclusive APE HUNTA tee for women! It’s limited Edition and will never be up for sale after this so I strongly advice you to get your fingers clicking and purchase this one while you can. (Click the pic to buy.)


You can look forward to a new collection from JC and lots more amazing characters and illustrations to come soon, with the launch of his website in the works and a team such as EgoThieves behind him there’s no stopping this APE.

Catch up with JC here: Blog, Myspace, Twitter.

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