Palette – The Robot Mannequin.

The japanese have done it again. I seriously can not wait to take a trip to Tokyo. The technology obsessed City have revealed a new generation of retail mannequins, known by the name of ‘Palette’. Developed to sense admiring shoppers and pose to please them. I still haven’t made my mind up about this but it’s definitely a new strategy to attract new customers.

Palette is built with a technology that uses motion-capture to copy the way fashion models move and then replay those motions whilst on display and if that wasn’t advanced enough, their creators ‘Flower Robotics’ are planning a more sophisticated program that will enable Palette to judge shoppers’ age and sex; even recognize the logos on their shopping bags. The collected info will be recorded for the use of the store’s marketing department. They’ve thought of everything, including leaving the face of Palette blank so that the customers or potential customers have no more to focus on than the clothes or jewelry.

At the moment Palette can only be seen in Japenese retail stores but the company has now begun offering them for sale or rent. Costing about $3,000 to rent and around $50,000 to own!

Palette and her cousin Palette UT

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