10 Things I Heart About… My Handbag


Every girl knows how important it is to leave the house with a great handbag, we never really know where the day will lead us, so we always have to come prepared. I’ve listed my ten favorite things that I would never leave the house without.

iPhone- Sorry to all you Blackberry users, but just admit it, iPhone is the way to go!

Wallet- I personally don’t mind spending a lot of money on a good wallet, plus, out of all the items in your bag your wallet is going to be coming in and out of it the most, so it has to look good.

Diary/Organizer- You have to keep up with your busy schedule, there are so many things we can forget, and this is a great reminder.

Cosmetics bag- When i say you never know where your day will lead you, this is when your makeup bag will become extremely handy.

Eight-hour cream- I live by this, it’s one of my favorite beauty products that I own, every girl should have one in her speedy.

A Camera- For when you need to capture those special moments.

Mirror- Don’t you wonder sometimes why people are staring at you for some odd reason? Well, get your mirror out!

Perfume- Sometimes you just need to spray again!

Nail Varnish- Bring the color your wearing at that moment of course, you never know when your nails are going to chip, and ladies, chipped nails are a big no no.

Umbrella- We live in England- do we need any other reason for an umbrella in our handbags?

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