A Tribute To 5’5 Girl in a 5’10 World

Sarah Jane Adams is one of our dedicated followers and fans of 5’5 girl in a 5’10 World. She sent us a lovely email and in it she expressed how much she loved our ‘Some Things Fabulous’ segment which gets published every Monday. Last Monday saw the edition of ‘Jewel Tones’ which Sarah Jane developed into her own tribute for the segment and the site.

To Sarah Jane: Publishing and creating these pieces for the daily segments takes so much time, effort and creativity! We’re so glad and proud to have inspired you to the point of taking time out to do what we do on a daily basis. We are more than happy to have it published on the site and we love your support and following!

Last week saw a rise in daily hits and unique users to the site and we are so excited to have seen all our hard work go so far, with a larger following in the U.S than the U.K we’re finding ourselves pushing for more global content and achieving a more international following.

We love and appreciate the support! So keep it coming!

Reem: Creator/Editor

Farah: Contributor

Natalya: Contributor

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