10 Things I Heart About… Holidays

So I thought this would be a great topic this week as I am going to Dubai next week, so I needed to prepare myself, and of course everyone else that’s going to get some Winter sun. Here’s 10 things you need to take with you on holiday…Enjoy.


Travel Bag – You need a bag that doesn’t ache your arms whilst waiting those long hours in the airport, that’s why I always go for a shoulder bag. I always take a bag that’s over sized so it can easily  fit everything I need for the flight. Even your Vogue.

Travel Wallet- Its such a good organizer, I don’t know about you but there have been times where I randomly freak out thinking “where did I put my passport”, so this is a great accessory to have, everything is in its place. Passport, tickets, boarding pass – Check!

Clothes- When I go on holiday I’ll always take a risk and wear something I wouldn’t normally wear at home, I also love wearing really bright and bold colors, they look great when the sun is out :) Get your maxi’s and kaftans out.

Accessories- With a tan, gold looks hot hot hot. Statement necklaces, rings, bracelets, they all look great,. So go for it!

Bikini- You need to have a hot bikini when your getting your tan on, I love pastel colors, along with white, yellow, orange, green. Remember if your curvy, go for prints, they will flatter those lady lumps!

Sunglasses- I take my whole collection with me. And all I can say is at least there is sun everyday to wear them! Yay!

Beach Bag- You need a fabulous beach bag, There’s always so much to take, Glamour, Grazia, ipod, Coco Butter, Shades, and you know the rest!

Hat- A hat must always be packed in that suitcase of yours, it’s a must have holiday accessory.

Nails- I always go for a manipedi before I go away, and of course I pick a bold color, this time I’m going for white, it will look hot with a tan! Always go for the bright colors on holiday.

Sun Protection- You have to be safe in the sun, so don’t forget to put your protection on. After you’ve done that though, pour some beer, coco-cola or olive oil on you, and you will get an amazing glow!

Happy Holidays!

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