Love Accessories: Sara Berman

Sara Berman is a name I’m getting comfortably familiar with! The ‘Zoe zip frill clutch’ is one of my favourite bags of the year and when I had a little peek at the rest of the collection, I fell further in love!

Sara-Berman1.Tamy giant clutch £215 2.Tamy giant clutch £215

3.Tamy giant clutch £215 4.Sally square clutch £140

5.Sally square clutch 2 tone £159 6.Sally square clutch £140

7.Tilly zip frill coin purse £89 8.Zoe zip frill clutch £229

9.Sally zip frill wallet £140 10.Lou hand clutch £189

11.Lou hand clutch £189 12.Lou hand clutch £189

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