The Original Hellz Belle

5’5 Girl in a 5’10 World get in touch with the founder and creator of Hellz Bellz for an interview to get to know more about the original Hellz Belle.

-What was your inspiration to create Hellz Bellz nearly 5 years ago?
The brand initially started as a hobbie… more so, as an outlet for my creativity. From there I started creating women’s clothes for a specific woman… the more forward individual who felt that the same void I felt in the women’s street contemporary market. At the time, more options provided for women were overly feminine and lacked the edge that I wanted. So changed my hobbie into a mission to defy all rules of conformity and any fashion entity that claims a woman’s style cannot breach strength, individuality and feminine flair simultaneously.

-Do you think you have accomplished your aim to evolve the way women dress?
I would hope so. Prior to Hellz I don’t think the Hellz consumer had that outlet or that brand that they could relate to or felt that it was ok to be bold and dress in a way that expresses their strength as a woman. Now they can….

-How much does Hellz Bellz reflect your personal style?

110%. First and foremost, I design items that I would wear and want in my closet.

-When it comes to seasonal fashion trends, do you prefer to follow or set?
I intend to always be ahead of the curve and set the trend. Being a follower is NOT the mindset of Hellz.

-Hellz Bellz has found amazing success in the past 5 years, where do you see the next 5 taking you?

I just want to continue to grow the brand slowly and stay above the market, especially this economic crisis. I want to grow the categories within the brand, exploring in mens, kids, accessories, shoes, etc…

-You have such a variable and loyal following, do you feel its a conclusion of your ‘balls to the walls approach’?

It’s exactly that… also they simply feel an attachment to Hellz. They can relate and support the brand and where we’re taking it. I think not only for them but for me also, it’s a feeling of excitement to be a part of something that you see growing and evolving.

-Could you see yourself in any other line of work?
Definitely and that’s only because I’m such a creative person and I’m pretty sure I have slight A.D.D. as well, lol. I like having my hands in a bunch of things otherwise I’d get easily bored. Aside from designing both graphics and apparel I also love styling, photography, and makeup artistry.

-What’s your opinion on fair-trading standards in the fashion industry and as a designer do you do anything to push the cause?

Being able to produce my clothes overseas and help developing countries is definitely a plus and I support 100%… I am also a big supporter of bringing more production back into the US and helping the fashion district grow to what it once was, so we produce both overseas and domestic.

-We love your idea of breaking down boundaries in fashion, how do you feel about ‘shorter’ girls modeling your clothes?
I’m a short girl myself so of course I’m down for that. It isn’t really about being short or tall… I pick models who have that “attitude” or “flare” that represents Hellz. I’ve even had a model named Olivia who had to have been barely 5 feet tall model one of our lookbooks before & she killed it.
To view the full collection check out their website and their blog which Reem was also recently interviewed on.

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