A little note from your editor ;) xx

First things first, I have to apologise to all of our loyal readers for not posting anything on the site for 2 days! It has driven me crazy, but not as crazy as my life is right about now. As you know everything on here is 100% original content and it takes time to do all of our daily editions, so I could neither rush them, nor substitute them for anything less than our usual standard. At the time of the ‘missing posts’ my sister Natalya and I were busy getting ready to leave Dubai to come back to the U.K.

We were originally in Dubai for a very important meeting regarding our clothing label; House of Rena. Which we have both been working on establishing for the past 6 months. So this meeting was a huge deal and massive step in the right direction for us. Rena will be getting it’s own very special post very soon on the site as soon as we are allowed to publicize all the details. Trust me it’s exciting.

In the mean time Dubai seems to be very promising towards Natalya and I, we have even started filming our own show- all indie ofcourse- mostly because we’re best friends and everyone around us always mentions how entertaining we are as sisters. So ‘Renality’ began, all starting from the dashboard of our rented Mercedes, capturing all the bad singing and random nonsense we normally turn into everyday mini-adventures. It is highly entertaining, trust us! However since everything is 100% raw footage, a few ‘personal subjects’ need to be edited out before any public screening is allowed!

Any who, there has been an amazing response to 5’5 Girl in a 5’10 World, especially since we created our own fashion segments; which we love and are so proud of ;)

The past 3 months have been so overwhelming and the feedback including tweets, emails and comments from all of you has been so motivating! December saw almost 40,000 page views and over 10,000 unique hits. For our tiny, baby website in the realm of the world wide web- it’s pretty amazing! So just a big thank you to all those who support us all the way.

We look forward to taking things further with the website and can not wait for all of you to become more interactive and fall even more in love with our creations! I would love to promise the usual roll of content for the following week, however I really can’t do that as Natlaya and I have so much on our plate before leaving for Dubai again in a few weeks, but trust me it will all be worth the wait.

Our little fashion team; consisting of Me, Natalya and Farah, put in a lot of creativity and efforts to the site and it is more than just a hobby, so we are itching to get back on board with regular posts.

In the mean time you can enjoy what we’ve already got on here and make sure you keep up to date with me and Natalya on Twitter if you have it, and of course, continue to support by joining the group and page on Facebook.

Ciao for now girlies.

Love Reem, Natalya & Farah.

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