Love Accessories: JEWELS Accessories

When Reem and I were in Dubai we fell in love with the JEWELS collection that you can find dotted about in most chic and savvy boutiques in the UAE. We couldn’t help but to get in touch and do a feature. Here’s a little bit of info:

American Born Iranian Sogol Zabihi is the mastermind behind JEWELS Accessories. She launches a new collection every month, with each piece hand crafted in Italy. JEWELS has become one of the Middle East’s most sought after and fashionable jewellery and accessories brands.

Each range combines cutting-edge contemporary designs with traditional Middle Eastern influences. Examples of this heritage can be seen with pieces such as the Fatima hand coin earrings, or the Arabic letter coin bracelet.

“It’s a brand I would best describe as retro, trendy and rich. Relying on a heightened sense of bright colours. I pull inspiration from everything I see around me and ideas seep in and result in fun, wonderful designs which make me feel proud.”

With it’s increasing popularity amongst the young elite and V.I.P women of the Middle East, JEWELS accessories have already made their way into all high end boutiques including S*uce and Harvey Nichols in the UAE, Pink Diamond Boutique in Bahrain and all 5 Ounass stores across the region.

We love them! ;)

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