It’s All In The Hair & The Bigger The Better!

Five Five wants to know about women’s hair issues, so we are revealing information from a hair survey conducted by TNS Consultants on behalf of hair care experts, Sunsilk.

Revelations of ‘What Women Want’ discloses the truth behind women’s hair concerns and the real importance of the Crowning Glory in their lives.

“The beauty of a woman is in her hair, it’s the Crown of her beauty.”

Across the region of the UAE, it was found that for local and expat women agree that the bigger the hair the better. Even though culturally the women are very different, their hair concerns and needs are very much in line with that of their peers in other countries.

Although hair appears to be equally important in the lives of women across all cultures, there are inherent differences when it comes to specific hair styling, treatments and their overall idea of beauty.

* Local Arab respondents wish to arrest attention with their hairstyles as they see it as the most powerful avenue for differentiating themselves from the crowd in an “All Women” setting. It is one of their most prized assets in terms of their beauty and their hair must live up to the image of being visibly different and groomed.

* Expat Arab respondents take a slightly different tack; they like their hair to be a statement about who they are with their singular focus on not being part of the crowd. Their beauty definition is self driven with a focus on personality, presence and carriage along with external looks. It is hugely important to these women to be “In” with the latest trends and fashion, seeing celebrities such as Nancy Ajram and Haifa Wehbe as key influencers. They also maintain a competitive feeling within their social circles to always look the BEST!

* In stark contrast to their Arab neighbours, Asian respondents of the region prefer a more natural and feminine look, putting an extra ‘effort’ into taking care of self but without the effort being overly obvious. In their society it is more about fitting in than standing out, with balance of individuality and following the trend, crucial to the mix. These women tend only to colour or straighten their hair when it is time for a change, while blow drying, styling and colouring is a regular part of the expat Arabs hair care regime. Not quite as regular, however, as local Arabs who include blow drying as part of their daily routine.

For all women of the region their hair equals beauty, confidence and is an unmistakable mark of their femininity in a region largely dominated by men. They will continue to search for solutions to give them voluminous, soft and lustrous hair and continually invest their time and energy in finding the product that has been created specifically with their hair needs in mind.

“Throughout time a woman’s hair has always been a key attribute to her beauty and confidence. With such a diverse range of cultures in this region comes a wonderfully diverse range of hair types and in turn, diverse hair needs. Regardless of their backgrounds, all women want fabulous hair and once they find a product that gives them the results they are searching for, they will stick with that for a long time.”- Iain Potter, Marketing Vice President, Unilever North Africa & Middle East.

Five Five wants to know what you’re issues, techniques or hair concerns may be. Get interactive and leave your thoughts, comments and opinions today! We might be able to help you with some external expert advice!

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