Vibrant Colour Protection: Rita Hazan


“I love colour. I’m obsessed with it” says Rita Hazan who is one of seven global hair experts chosen by Sunsilk to co-create new products for specific hair types. Sunsilk’s new Vibrant Colour Protection range ensures longer-lasting colour and healthier hair, sealing the cuticle layer to lock in colour molecules. It contains Rita’s chosen ingredients: amnioshields and a UV filter to protect hair from damage and intensify its colour.

Each expert has been chosen for their specialist, world-class knowledge and pioneering technologies. As one of the most sought-after colourists in the world, New Yorker Rita Hazan owns an elite Manhattan salon where she creates and re-invents celebrity styles. Her spectacular colour work is seen regularly on TV screens and cinemas across the world as her star-studded salon creates the signature looks for A-Listers such as Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson and Jessica Biel who vow by Rita’s instantly “wearable” colour style.

“I like to really get to know a girl before I colour her hair. Sometimes, people don’t have the right personality to go blonde.  Hair has to be absolutely part of who a girl is,” says Rita, whose team of super stylists is always backstage at fashion shows – a unique insight into the best way to treat and care for coloured hair.

“My co-created Sunsilk Vibrant Colour Protection range contains Amnio shields and a UV filter – the perfect combination for damage-free hair that diffuses amazingly vibrant colour”.


*Where possible, have your hair coloured at a professional salon so that you have access to expert advice
*Use products, such as Sunsilk Vibrant Colour Protection with UV filters to protect your hair even when you are out of the sun
*Wait at least four weeks in between colour treatments so hair has time to recover
*Rinse your hair with cool water after washing. This will close the cuticle and encourage your colour to stay vibrant
*Wet your hair before swimming so that it does not absorb so much chlorine/chemicals which can effect your colour
*Use a wide tooth comb/natural hairbrush so as not to damage hair when brushing
*Point your hairdryer downwards when drying, this will help the cuticles lie flat and encourage a sleek and impressive shine to  bring out your colour.

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