Welcome To Our New Home!

I’m very pleased to introduce the new look for Five Five Fabulous! With the wonderful creative genius of Egothieves we have come up with a new site that is easy to navigate through and very sexy to look at!

The home page includes a brand new image display which shows you the main features of the Five Five Fabulous blog. Just click on one of the images that tickle your fancy and it will direct you straight to that post.

There is also now a Search button in the sidebar which will help you find anything you’re looking for, or any posts that you may have missed.

One of my favourite new features is the new way you can leave comments. You can log in from your very own Social Network profile, without the hassle of having to sign up to anything, (we’re too fashionably late to have time for that!) Be it Twitter, Facebook or WordPress, you can log in and leave your comments. There is also the option to subscribe to replies and new comments, so get going!

I hope you like the new site, please get in touch if you have anything you would like to share or suggest!

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