Sunsilk Co-Creations: Meeting Tom Taw

Sunsilk Co-Creations: Meeting Tom Taw

As you may have heard, if you are an avid reader of FFF, my sister Natalya and I are ambassadors for Sunsilk Co-Creations. We enjoyed a lovely summer’s day earlier this year in the studio of Bob Soho, getting to know Tom Taw (a Sunsilk co-creator) and receiving a fabulous hair-do over. Watch the video below to get to know a little bit more about how our fabulous day went. Also enjoy the pics.

Natalya & I meeting Tom

Getting ready to get our hair-do’s. 

Natalya getting prepped for her cut.

Tweeting about our fabulous day. 

Testing the Damage Control product. 

Some behind the scenes images.

Natalya and I would like to thank Tom, Bob Soho and Sunsilk for a fabulous day and our new fabulous hair!

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