Lanvin For H&M: First Look

We were all super excited as soon as we heard that Lanvin were going to be collaborated with H&M, and finally the wait is almost over as we get a preview of the much anticipated collection. The collaboration is due to hit stores on November 23rd but in the meantime, you can enjoy this first image. Loving the signature Lanvin character coming through! Cannot wait to see more..

By the way, recently FiveFiveFabulous was involved in a little competition that H&M and Lanvin were doing especially for fashion blogs, the blog with the most votes would win an exclusive video of the H&M and Lanvin video.

Well, we didn’t win but thanks to all of your votes, FFF was the #4 blog in the whole of the UK! Which is fantastic, so thank you all so much for your, votes, love and support!

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