Geek Chic Accessories: Marc Jacobs

Myself and the FFF girls have a HUGE obsession with anything technical, from the Ipad to our Macbook’s to our Blackberrys/Iphones – we just simply can’t live without them. The minute I saw these amazing Marc Jacobs accessories I instantly fell in love, they’re the ultimate chic statement to go with our technical accessories. Prices range from £30-£65 and are perfect Christmas gifts!

1.Acetate headphones- £65

2.Silicone iPhone 4G case- £30

3.Acetate headphones- £65

4.Silicone iPhone 3G case- £30

5.Acetate headphones- £65

6.Silicone iPhone 3G case- £30

7.Jumble-embossed neoprene iPad case- £35

8.Jumble-embossed neoprene iPad case- £35

9.Jumble-embossed neoprene laptop case- £45

10. Jumble-embossed neoprene laptop case- £45

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