FFF Exclusive Preview: BamBah Boutique

Two weeks ago I attended the Sonia Rykiel show in Dubai and bumped into a fabulously dressed young woman named Maha. We got to talking and she mentioned to me that she was going to ‘revolutionise the way we shop in Dubai’. Obviously intrigued we exchanged numbers and promptly the following day I visited her fabulous boutique, Bambah.

As soon as you walk in to the half shared villa with her partner and brother you feel as though you are in the 50′s, then the 20′s, also the 80′s and then back again into the 40′s. The decor is something so elegant and chic that I had to keep reminding my self I was in fact still in Dubai where most stores are shiny and new. This boutique was just bursting with character, stories and most fabulously of all, Vintage.

The furniture was hailed from her Mothers home with certain pieces from her Grandparents and others posing as years and years worth of collectables. It was divine. Oh and also, Maha has set the standard for the official fabulous way to greet guests and customers. With homemade scones and pink lemonade!

A chandelier from her Mother’s home

The vintage Vogue that inspires Maha to do what she does. 

A vintage arabic numeral clock

Some of my favourite aspects of the decor

Her Grandfather’s 100 year old rack!

The vintage that she stocks is literally indescribable, so I took lots and lots of pictures! It’s years and years worth of collected pieces from all her many travels through Japan, Paris and London. My favourite aspect of the whole concept is that there is only one rack of vintage designer pieces, so the majority are no named designers and this to me is the real character of vintage. It is literally a piece kept on for years and years because of how fabulous it is, and not because of a label.

The one designer labeled vintage rail

Vintage Nina Ricci dress

Some of the vintage accessories.

Her array of shoes, from YSL vintage to no named beauties.

The 80′s rail

The 50′s side of the store, my favourite wall!

A section especially for vintage LBD’s

If you are in Dubai make sure you visit Maha at Bambah, even if it is just for a bite of cake and a sip of pink lemonade. I asked her what she would be doing if she wasn’t in the vintage business and she admitted it would be baking, and with homemade goodies like those, she’s got a good back up career!

I am so pleased to have been the second form of media (first being Grazia Middle East) to have had a chance to preview the store and I am simply ecstatic to return and see it bustling with vintage lovers! Bon Chance Maha and happy vintage to all true fashion lovers!

[All images taken by me and my Canon.]

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