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Unfortunately it has come to my attention that there is a certain blog out there on the world wide web that is not only taking images that I have had taken the time to crop, place and layout straight off of my website and on to theirs, but is also pretty much copying and pasting the supporting text too.

Now I understand that blogs are mostly re-cycled fashion information and I am more than fine with that, obviously. However considering there is a limit of images available on the web, I take [a lot of] time out to place these images on templates to make the layout as original as possible. We all work hard ot stand out, so when I notice that others just decide to take these layouts without permission or even the decency to credit, then it really rubs me up the wrong way.

Obviously this blogger knows who they are and FiveFiveFabulous is not a place to name and shame or spread negativity, so names will be spared but next time have the decency to ask permission or even better, be original and create the image layouts yourself.

In regard to copying and pasting my text, I mean really? Blogs are about having your own voice and opinion, that’s what aids you to stand out in a huge line of ‘seen before’ information. So as far as that is concerned, it’s just embarrassing on your part, and I would think a wake up call as to whether or not you should be blogging? Especially when it comes down to copying as much as the original and witty titles I create for my features. [All images that Five Five Fabulous publishes are either from Google Images (which are then placed originally on a template), sent to FFF by the PR/Designer themselves or taken by myself or my team on our own cameras.]

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