A Denim Story: Jervoise Jackets

As part of our “A Denim Story” posts, we are excited to feature Zoe Jervoise of Jervoise Jackets who has just launched some very popular denim jackets. Influenced by the style of her wearer, Jervoise gives vintage denim a new lease of life and branches out to leather, shirts, waistcoats and t-shirts. Commissioning pieces for music artists such as Marina and the Diamonds and Ellie Goulding has just amplified Jervoise’s ability to understand the need of renewal and demand for innovative design. With some very exciting news of Topshop’s flagship in Oxford Circus taking on the brand, it’s only onwards and upwards for the Jervoise label.

I met Zoe at the recent Burberry Brit launch and she shared: “Five Fabulous Tips For Wearing Denim”

  • Go vintage or second hand with your denim jackets, shirts and shorts, the worn and fading fabric always gives you an effortlessly cool look.
  • With denim jeans vintage doesn’t always work, the cuts cant be difficult. So it’s good to find a store or label that fit you well, so you know you can keep going back for more.
  • Most people own a denim jacket of some sort, so if you want to stand out from the crowd try and get something customised or customise it yourself. Like Jervoise Jackets, Ragged Priest and some Levis collections.
  • I’m not against double denim, but if your going to do it, do it right. Girls double denim works with vintage high-waisted light wash denim shorts and a vintage fading denim jacket, thats the way I’d wear it.
  • Customised denim shorts are great for this summer’s festival season. I’ve got a range of customised denim coming out in Topshop Oxford Circus this June called ‘Jervoise Diffusion’.

You can currently purchase Jervoise Jackets here.

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