The Five Five Girls Do Drinks

I do love the rare moments I get to spend time with my fabulous girls. Sister Natalya and (so close she’s practically family) Farah don’t all live in the same city so it’s always fun when we get together. We normally go out for dinners, model new clothes for each other to get opinions, and mostly laugh, a lot! So much so that I think it’s the only reason my belly is permanantly semi-toned!

I love this image of all our drinks that we recently ordered, quite randomly we normally always get the same coloured drink. We Twitpic’d and tested our readers to see if they could guess who ordered what. No one guessed correctly.

From left to right we have my virgin Pineapple & Guava Sling, Farah’s virgin Shirley Temple and Natalya’s French Martini.


Natalya looking fabulous!

Farah and Natalya.

Love you girls! Til’ the next time!


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