Tara Lynn Poses For Wacoal

The gorgeous Tara Lynn poses for the luxury lingerie brand, Wacoal which is now available at all K-Lynn stores in the Middle East and online. Her fabulous curvy body is so refreshing to see and the above style are all available in D, E and F. Also featured is her interview conducted by Wacoal.

Tara, how did you become a top model? – “I used to work in a bank, I left my job to go back to studying and I needed to earn some money so I called in to a modeling agency, and that’s where it all started.”

You seem really comfortable with your curvy figure, has that always been the case? – “I was big when I was younger and wasn’t comfortable with it. At that age, everyone wants to look like stereotypes. As I grew up I started to realize that I wanted to lose weight for my appearance rather that my well-being, and I realized that was wrong. These days, I exercise, I live a healthy, well-balanced life, and I feel a lot better in my skin.”
Theres a lot of talk about your shape in the press at the moment, do you think it’s just hype or attitudes actually changing? – “Society is changing and comforting less and less, with a move towards celebrating diversity. I don’t want to suggest that being bis should be the norm and encourage bigger people to stay that way. I’d like to put out this message: you should always seek to better yourself but you should also be realistic about your shape.”
What do you think about Wacoal range for curvy women? – “I love it! At last, good quality and supportive lingerie that looks great too!”
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