Thomas Lyte AW11 Press Preview

On Wednesday I attended the Thomas Lyte press preview. It’s a brand I’ve evolved a huge admiration for and love any opportunity to visit their fabulous boutique in London’s Burlington Arcade. I had some favourites amongst the AW11 collections, including the Jewellery Box and Sting Ray journal. The main attractions for me however were the calf skin box clutches which are so new; they’ve not even been priced!

Thomas Lyte is a quintessentially British luxury leather brand, but also prides itself in bespoke silverware. During my tour of the boutique I snapped a couple of images on my Blackberry of the Arabian-esque silverware pieces (most likely a commission for Royals).

I would also like to thank Thomas Lyte for the gorgeous ‘With Love’ party popper holder gifted to me, it’s something I shall definitely be saving for a special occasion.

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