Molton Brown Launches Navigations Through Scent

Molton Brown Launches Navigations Through Scent

Last night I attended an intimate event to celebrate the launch of Molton Brown’s new fragrance collection, Navigations Through Scent. A beautiful space was created with, as you can imagine, an abundance of fine fragrances and candles as well as wonderful canapes and drinks, all of which were kept in theme with the different areas of the world.

Navigations Through Scent consists of five very different perfumes. Each inspired and derived from a different place in the world. All the bottles were intricately displayed with each perfume’s personal ‘nose flute’ in the shape of a lilly that you could use to really get to know each aroma, (that was my favourite part)!

The best part of this collection of fragrances is that none of the bottles are specified to be for men or women, it gives you the opportunity to truly find a scent you feel drawn to and not really think about what you’re supposed to be wearing.

Starting with my favourite, we have ‘Lijiang’ a fragrance inspired by the River Li in China. This scent is so light and easy to wear it instantly became my top choice. The collection is also made up of, ‘Rogart’ which is inspired by the Cobequid Mountains of Nova Scotia. ‘Apuldre’, a close to home fragrance inspired by the gardens of England. ‘Singosari’, my second favourite even though it has more of a masculine feel, this fragrance tells the story of the islands of Indonesia and finally ‘Iunu’ which is an incredibly hypnotising scent inspired by the legends of Egypt.

I love the packaging of the bottles, it has that classic Molton Brown luxurious feel to it.

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