Stop Over

Stop Over

I have to admit, I had no idea that it had actually been that long since me and Natalya last posted on the blog. I know, blogger shame, but honestly, it’s been a little bit of a whirlwind. I landed back in London last Sunday and just as I was getting off the plane, Natalya calls me to tell me she’ll be leaving to New York in three hours, so we have been a little bit out of synch to say the least.

Whilst I was in London for my three day stop over before heading to beautiful Northern Finland (more on that soon), I managed to slip in a day for a much needed catch up with Carrie, over pancakes (of course) at her house, and a little time in front of the camera to shoot this triple denim outfit that I’m wearing over on the Gap platform this season.

Photography- Carrie.

Reem Kanj GAP Denim 10 Reem Kanj GAP Denim 15 Reem Kanj GAP Denim 01 Reem Kanj GAP Denim 04 Reem Kanj GAP Denim 12

Jacket, shirt and jeans: GAP | Shoes: Senso | Bag: Chanel

Other Half

Other Half

It’s been almost an entire month since I’ve been home and I’m really starting to miss it. My dad keeps joking about how Jenai is going to be calling off the engagement if I keep making a habit of leaving him for this long, but I’m so lucky that we’re both so understanding of each other’s dreams and aspirations, the separation is just excitement because you realise just how much you miss each other.

In saying that being away from my other, other half Natalya is going to be a bit of a different story. It’s so hard being so far away from my sister. We have been having the most fun this past month, even though it’s been pretty much non stop work, we can’t complain because we love what we do, but my trip to Dubai is coming to a close very soon and time flew by so quickly that I feel like I’ve barely seen her. I know I’ll be back soon and in the mean time we both need a little time to get on with some personal projects but I’m already counting down the days until I’m back here in Dubai or she finally gets her ass to London again so we can have more fun with Kit, shooting more things like this!

It’s the third and final part to our style series with The Shop at Bluebird and Farfetch and probably one of my favourite looks.

Photography- Kit Lee

Reem and Natalya Kanj 3 Reem and Natalya Kanj 7Reem and Natalya Kanj 1Reem and Natalya Kanj 8Reem and Natalya Kanj 2

Reem wears: Jumper: Eudon Choi | Dress: Nomia | Shoes: Gianvito Rossi

Natalya wears: Hat: Laura Apsit Livens (similar here) | Dress: Nomia | Shoes: 3.1 Phillip Lim

Don’t Rain On My Parade

Don't Rain On My Parade

After popping into Jet Set to finally get my hair colour touched up last week, I decided one salon visit does not a leisurely day make, so I talked Reem into heading up to the rooftop pool at the Sofitel in Downtown. We had no bikinis, no intention of getting our tanning on and in fact it was cloudy with a threat of rain, but I was so in the mood for some quiet, relaxing down time at this gorgeous location. Luckily for me, it did not rain on my parade and I finally got to wear my Issa poncho and banish my fear of colour from my daily outfit choices.

Photography- Reem Kanj

ISSA London Kaftan 6 ISSA London Kaftan 3 ISSA London Kaftan 5 ISSA London Kaftan 8 ISSA London Kaftan 9 ISSA London Kaftan 7 ISSA London Kaftan 4 ISSA London Kaftan 1 ISSA London Kaftan 2

Poncho: ISSA London | Bag: Givenchy | Earrings: Dior | Sunglasses: Karl Lagerfeld | Notebook: Fendi